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Basic healing is suitable for anyone from a child to an adult, and it will be support for any physical symptoms, emotional and mental problem, and for improvement of health condition.


With the help of spirit and archangels, basic healing will be working on the energy bodies of a client and help to bring balance back in those bodies.


This healing can be taken one session or any number of sessions depending on the condition and symptoms. 


  Adult    ¥9,000(80min)

  Child    ¥6,000(50min)

   (elementary school and younger) 

Seven Treatment is a healing directly working on the subconsciousness to cleanse and transform negative energy.


When the physical/emotional/mental symptoms are chronic, or the same problem has been repeated in the relationship or in the family, there can be energy element in the subconsciousness which cause that problem. This may have a root in his/her childhood experience or in his/her past life. In either way, it is one of a life lesson by karma. And until it is worked on and resolved as a lesson, it will come back again and again.


Once a client commit to work on his/her karma, the healing plan will be crafted in the heaven and unfolded through seven treatment with the help of archangels and spirit guides. The cleansing and transforming process goes on naturally and a client can be completely protected during the process.


Seven Treatment is a series of 7 sessions, taking 3 weeks intervals between sessions. A client needs to bring a white rose/lily for every session as a support for the healing process.


  Adult    ¥9,000(80min)

Animal Healing is to support an animal energetically to bring the mental/physical condition back to healthy balance.


  Dog, Cat, etc     ¥6,000(45min) 

Space Healing is to cleanse negative energy accumulated in rooms, houses, buildings, land and places and bring balance and harmony in those space.

1 session usually covers 1-2 rooms and it varies depending on the condition of the energy. In case many rooms or the whole house/building needs to be cleared, it can be covered by a couple of sessions.


  Room, House, Building, Land   ¥6,000(1 session)

● Booking and Payment ●

To book a session, please contact us by phone or through booking form.

You can book a session from 9AM to 5PM (except days closed).


  Website:Booking & Inquiry form



Payment information


 Regular session・・・・Please pay in cash after the session.

 Long distant session・・・・After the booking is confirmed, please pay the fee in advance by bank transfer.


Cancellation policy


If you need to cancel a session, please let us know at least by the day before the session. In case you cancel the session on the reserved day, you will be charged for the full session fee.

● Note before booking ●

Spiritual healing is not a medical treatment nor substitute for the treatment. A healer will never make a diagnose for a client.

In case you have any sever symptoms of illness, please book a session after you receive a medical check by a doctor.Also if you are under any medical treatment for any chronic illness/symptoms, please keep those

treatment and respect for your doctor's advice.